Letter to the Prosecutor from Takenouchi 竹野内真理から検察官へのお手紙

Mari Takenouchi’s Letter Sent to the Prosecutor Eiji Masuhara,

Fukushima Local Prosecutors Office Iwaki Branch

Dated on March 28, 2014



 (English translation half done 英訳途中)


My name is Mari Takenouchi under criminal accusation by ETHOS leader Ryoko Ando. Please allow me to write a letter to you.  I wanted to provide you some information and my letter to you.


My criticism against ETHOS solely came from my wish to save children in Fukushima.  When the Fukushima policemen came from Fukushima to Iwaki, they seem to have understood what I told them.



After that, on March 11, when the international NGO, Reporters Without Boarders wrote my story in English and French articles, so this issue is becoming an international news. http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/03/save-kids-japan.html


With this current trend, the lives and health of Fukushima children are at risk.  In fact I heard that there are multiple number of lymph nodes metastasis among 75 thyroid cancer kids in Fukushima.  Even Dr. Shunichi Yamashita wrote in his article of 2009 that 40% of Chernobyl children who had thyroid cancer operation had already had lymph nodes metastasis even though the size of the cancer was small.  As for this, I also wrote in the epilogue of the book, “Internal Exposure (Naibu Hibaku)” so please read it.  To my sadness, so-called radiation experts do not send out the correct information in Fukushima.


In addition, the incumbent mayor of Matsumoto City, Dr. Akira Sugenoya who used to work for Chernobyl medical support activities for 5 years, said in his book, “One out of 6 children who went through surgery had developed lung cancer.”  I later confirmed his remark through telephone conversation.

最近は白血病が出てきていることも聞いております。これらの健康問題については私のブログ、Save Kids Japanでも書かせてもらっております。エートスのアドバイザー的な学者である伴信彦教授が白血病の大家であるにもかかわらず、安東量子さんとネット上で私への刑事告訴を相談するくらいに親交深く、白血病が被曝後12年で遺伝子レベルと造血幹細胞の老化で発症することを知りながら、対外的には安全であると言っていることをとても悲しく思っているところです。http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/01/blog-post.html

Recently, I got to hear that leukemia is emerging.  I have been writing these health issue on my blog, Save Kids Japan.  Professor Nobuhiko Ban from Tokyo Health Medical University is very close to Ms. Ryoko Ando and he was consulting with her regarding the criminal accusation against me.  The same person is the renowned expert of leukemia development and he had found that leukemia could be developed only within 1 or 2 years after the exposure to radiation due to the alternation of particular gene and aging of hematopoetic stem cells. However, he has been disseminating that it is safe to live in Fukushima. I have been feeling extreme sadness when I got to be aware of serious facts. http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/01/blog-post.html


I truly believe we cannot wait any longer for protecting children’s health in Fukushima.  7q11 gene test, asserted by Mr. Tatsuhiko Kodama, should be conducted right away to identify whether the thyroid cancer was caused by radiation or not, and if that was proven, children in Fukushima should be evacuated right away.



However, most Japanese media including NHK do not report on Fukushima children’s health issues at all, and on the contrary, they are even airing propaganda programs for ETHOS. 

I am a freelance journalist, not belonging to any major media company, so I haven’t had much chances to send out my information on big media.  My journalistic activity base is quite limited, such as writing articles on alternative magazine or send out twitters. 

I used some strong words, but I think that was inevitable considering the graveness of the issue.  I asked Ms. Ryoko Ando for conversation a number of times, but I was blocked at an very early stage and got criminally accused, which really shocked me.


While the Japan ETHOS has been started in a full swing, if I get indicted and become guilty, health issue of Fukushima children would be ignored and the freedom of speech would be considerably restricted.  Then, we cannot protect children’s lives and health all the more.  I am truly concerned of such a worst case scenario.


Therefore, I truly ask for all the prosecutors to come to a fair decision not only for the sake of me but also for the sake of health problems of Fukushima children after the nuclear accident.


By the way, I have never met Ms. Ryoko Ando(real name: Yoko Kamata), the director of ETHOS before, but I feel quite mysterious about her.  In her letter, there is a sentence stating, “I came up with the name ETHOS.” But her advisor Mr. Jack Lochard lead ETHOS in Belarus from 1996, and gave a lecture on ETHOS in Hiroshima in 2000. http://www.irpa.net/irpa10/pdf/E11.pdf

 How could such a coincidence occur that Ms. Ryoko Ando named this program as ETHOS?



As for the fund as well, Ms. Ando insists that there is nothing to do with pro-nuke lobby, but she could not answer the question, “Who paid you to fly to Paris?” by a journalist Mr. Kolin Kobayashi on March 11 Closed ETHOS Seminar. http://echoechanges-echoechanges.blogspot.jp/2014/03/blog-post_11.html

(However, I do not have the confirmed evidence so far yet though Ms. Ando’s acts seem to be highly suspicious)


But one thing I can say for sure is that Jack Lochard leads CEPN, which is funded by French pro-nuclear lobbies, is connected with Fukushima ETHOS.

Most importantly, due to the ETHOS project in Belarus contaminated areas, seriously ill children's hospitalized number surged 10 times before the started of ETHOS program according to the local pediatrician.


Please read page 106 of the book called, "Crimes of International Nuclear Lobbies" by Kolin Kobayashi.  (Only in Japanese)

I extracted some information from Dr. Michel Fernex for the above information. When Dr. Fernex came to Japan, I was working as an interpreter for him.  I also stayed at his home before I went to IAEA to plea for saving Fukushima children.


 To understand ETHOS, the chapter 2 of the above book is a must read.  I also put some slips on the pages which should be read.  Probably you will be hearing stories from the side of Ms. Kamata, but I would like you to compare information from both sides for background information.


Besides his book, I am including my translated book of "The Petkau Effect." It may be too much work to read through, so I put the summary as well.  

But by reading, I hope you can realize that I am not just making a fuss irresponsibly over the radiation and health issues, but am raising my concerns based on the scientific grounds. 


 As I stated before, this case is not solely my own issue but also could affect hundreds of thousands, or millions of children in Fukushima and other contaminated areas in the future.

Accordingly, I wish you will give a good judgement over this case.


I assume that each prosecutor in your branch office has family and children.  I think sort of information I provide has never been reached to people in Fukushima, since I only send out my information through my blogs and twitters.

But I sincerely hope that my information could be of some use to protect you and your children not only myself.

Best regards,


Mari Takenouchi



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